First blog on Office‐

Friday first of February 2019 was the blog published for the first time. At the same time as was publish did we also publish the Norwegian version of the blog The Office-tips blogs will contain tips and tricks that hopefully will make it easier to use Excel and other Microsoft Office products. Shortcuts that is forgotten or never new existed, short codes and formulas that makes daily office tasks easier to deal with.

This will not be the place for superusers of Excel and other Office products, it is more emergency help to those who needs Excel to make small overviews at their work place or private. But off course, everyone is welcome to read, learn and use it for easy access to nice to know features. On this site shall it be easy to find great tips that makes Excel use better and easier.  With time we also hope to make some nice user-friendly sheets for economy, time-management, travel bills, bills, travel log and so on., these will also be made available for downloading.

The plan is also to make all articles that is published available for printing, so we will try to remember to make a PDF version of everything that we publish (maybe it becomes a book by time :O) ).

The main reason that the Office-tips blogs are launched is for us to learn more about several fields in software technology and internet. So, this is competence building in Excel and other Office products, but it also includes WordPress, web programming, internet commercial channels and so on.

Basically, as many ways of the computer and internet universe as possible. By that it should not come as a surprise if there is published articles about other stuff than the Microsoft Office products. The consequences of this is that there will be ads on the office-tips sites. The purpose of this is to learn about the commercial part of internet and hopefully cover some of the expenses that follows sites like this.

We hope that you find the blog interesting and helpful

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