5 steps to create a drop-down list

The topic of today is to make a drop-down list in Excel. In this article we will reuse the example Excel file we used in the “Look up a value” article and work in the second sheet, dataset containing the 99 recommended books list.

  1. The first thing we did after opening the book was to go to the sheet dataset and make one new heading in column “D” called “Genre”.
  2. The second task was moving the cursor to field “D2”.

Then it was time to make the drop-down list.

  1. Step one was to click on [Data] in the top menu and then on [Data Validation].

  2. Then from the Pop-Up menu “Data Validation” we selected “list” under [Allow].

  3. After that we typed in some book genres separated with semicolon (;) in the field [Source].

Last step for creating the drop-down list was pressing the [OK] button.

  1. Then we tested that it worked by pressing the down arrow button next to the field “D2”. When pressed all genres typed in should appear.

  2. Now it is just to press [Ctrl] + [C], mark the rest of the rows for column D where there is a book and press [Ctrl] + [V]. All fields should now contain a drop-down list.

Now it is your turn to try it in column E!

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