Change language in Office

Among users of Office products that doesn’t have English as their native language there is often a wish to change language. They find it easier and handier to use their native language in Office. What we are looking at then is not to change the spellcheck or synonyms language, it is in fact to change all menus, help texts, codes and so on.

This is a relatively easy change in Microsoft Office products, below explained with the change of language from English to Norwegian.

  1. Start an Office program, we used Excel in this example.

  2. Choose [File] og double-click on [Options]

  3. Select [Languages] in the menu box that appear.

  4. In the menu box «Display Language» select «Norwegian [Norsk]» or your native language, found under «Choose Display Language».

    If your native language is not presented in the list there is a possibility to choose the Microsoft helpline link bellow the selection box. This link is named «How do I get more Display and Help languages from» and takes you to a Microsoft web page that describes how to install more languages.

  5. When the language of your choice is select click [Set as Default] and [OK]. The Office product (Excel in our example) then asks for the program to be restarted.

  6. Restart the program and confirm by checking that all menus, help-texts and formulas have been changed.

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