Create an Excel calendar template (2019)

Create an Excel calendar (2019), PDF print

Todays article gives an exaple how to create an Excel calendar template, 2019 version. It is just a one-page calendar for the year 2019. So why do we make a calendar? It was just the need for a overview to help planning holidays, birthdays, leisure activities and so on. Calendar with a personal touch, desired layout based on how we wanted to see years, months, weeks.

Create an Excel calendar (2019), Excel sample or template

This year’s calendar is put up on the wall above the office desk. Perhaps it is old-fashioned, but it is a simple method to quickly get an overview of week numbers, when there are planned weekend trips, holidays, weddings, concerts, work related gatherings, etc.

Create an Excel calendar template

Feel free to download our version of the 2019 Calendar for your own use. The Excel template should be easy to adjust so it fits your preferences when it comes to the layout of your calendar.

Create an Excel calendar (2019)

That’s how easy it is to create an Excel calendar, or simply borrow ours.

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